Questions I get asked a lot

I have been getting a lot of questions lately so I figured I would address them in a blog rather than having the same 5 conversations over and over again.

Do you still play poker?

Not really, at least not right now but this is not any different than normal.  I always have been hot and cold with poker.  Currently my interests are dominated by health and fitness and I suspect that will taper off at some point.

For more information including free lists of what to eat to get ripped and a great and supportive group, join the Food Log group on Facebook, it is a private group.

Why is Beanie so obsessed with abs?

I am not really, in fact, it could not be more unimportant to me.  It does however seem to be very important to a core audience that I would like to have a conversation with.  To that end my fitness level is important as a means of credibility.  For some people before and after pictures make a big difference, those people are often heavy and would like to lose weight.  While I do not mind talking and having a conversation with those people I would much prefer to have a dialogue with younger people that have a  desire to be fit and simply steer them on the proper path.

This site looks like a business and it says you are a Nutrition coach, what up with that?

Currently this site is just my nutrition blog, I try to write from my own experiences and while I am very well versed on diets and dieting I am not a registered dietician, nor do I want to be.  I mostly talk about how eating in an anti-inflammatory (google inflammation foods and see how many of those are dietary staples of yours) way helps your body function better.  If you are 70 years old that might mean you can use what I say to fight off heart disease or arthritis symptoms.  If you are 19 it might help you get washboard abs and be more athletic, it really depends on your goals.

How will this site make money if and when it ever does?

Heck if I know.  That really isn’t that important to me at the moment.  If I could do it the way I want to do it the business model would be that people could pay what they think it’s worth.  Since I currently charge $0 no one can complain about the price of the information.

You used to be fat, now you are thin, are you on a diet?

I am not really on a diet though I am much more conscious of my intake than I was in the past.  I eat meats and veggies and I occasionally have all the stuff that we all enjoy.  I used to have all that stuff without limits and in that sense there is some restriction going on.  I no longer eat like a moron.  If you want specifics I would say I eat between 2500-3000 calories a day, sometimes less and sometimes more, I rarely keep track but if I did I would assume that if I regularly stayed under 2000 calories my life would suck more than a little bit.  So I don’t do that.

Ah, so it’s all exercise?

Nothing pisses me off more than people that say this about me.  It feels so disrespectful to 23.5 hours of my life every day.  The fact is if you include my warm up I work out about 30 minutes a day, if you include stretching it would be an hour.  Yes it’s really active, yes it’s intense, no it’s not for everyone.  I am not trying to convince anyone to do what I do just quit saying I am fit because I exercise because I would consider it less than 20% of the reason (and so would most people in the fitness industry).

It must be exercise because I eat fewer calories than you do and I can’t lose weight

Don’t make me punch you in the face.  I told you that pissed me off (just kidding obviously).  Activity matters, calories in and calories out matter, they just aren’t 100% of the answer in either case.  If you want to lose weight without exercise you can do that, you just won’t get fit but if that is not important to you then have at it.  Similarly if you eat like a moron but you workout with intensity you will not necessarily lose weight, your fitness level might increase and it might allow you to keep your bad habits but it will not give you optimal health.  Once again, optimal health might not be the goal for you and that’s cool by me.

I am on weight watchers, is what you do similar?

It is similar in the respect that I am conscious of my intake but I rarely measure the way that weight watchers requires.  I don’t personally think that is sustainable for life, for ME.  I have serious beef with weight watchers and any dieting program that focuses on restriction without addressing inflammation and it’s effects on the body.  Can you lose weight eating a smaller amount of nachos and beer, of course you can.  Is that the best path forward for most people? I don’t personally believe it is.

Dude seriously, I am in pain, I don’t want to be fat any more what will you charge me to help me out?

Firstly I am not trying to convince anyone of my approach to fitness and health, if you want to hear what I have to say simply ask or call me, free of charge.

Can I drink or have dessert?

Not only can you I would recommend it highly.

Do I have to skip breakfast, it looks like you skip breakfast?

Absolutely not, I only recently started skipping breakfast (intermittent fasting) and I would not necessarily say that it is the right approach for everyone.

Are you a personal trainer and can you design some workouts for me, I want to get my fitness on?

I currently don’t have time or interest in that.  Yes I am a Crossfit Level 1 trainer and I am  also certified CrossfitKids.  I am tired of hearing “I will start on Monday” or “I need a workout buddy”.  Once again if you want to have a conversation about how to move forward then call me but if we are going to sit in a coffee shop for an hour with you telling me all of the shit that you aren’t willing to do or “you have a shoulder thing” please save both of us the time and energy.  That might sound harsh but frankly it seems people are not in enough pain yet to hear the truth and in a lot of cases they will die without ever knowing how easily they could have turned it around (which also sounds harsh I realize).

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