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My name is Paul Nobles, I got interested in nutrition and training after my own struggles with health and weight issues.  What I figured out is a system different than most people use to get people back on track.  Most personal trainers are scared to give nutrition advice because frankly they do not want to deal with resistance from potential clients.  For my purposes it is absolutely essential that customers give some thought to improving their nutrition, it is the emphasis and basis of my program.  I can teach people to be more healthy with just nutrition alone but I can not teach people to be healthy with just exercise.  The good news is that you will not be counting calories and in a lot of cases you will be eating more calories than you eat now.

Paul Nobles, currently the best place to reach me at it  I not longer take 1:1 clients opting for our “virtual seminars” instead.

Certifications and Achievements:

Level 1 Certified Crossfit Trainer, Crossfit Kids and I have attended the Whole 9 nutrition workshop.  Let me describe both in a short way.

Crossfit is an exercise protocol that increases your metabolic pathways by constantly varying your workouts at high intensity.  In the time I work with my clients we do not repeat a single workout.  All of the workouts are meant to engage different muscles using multiple joints for maximum results.

To receive the Crossfit Kids certification you have to go through a class that guides you through the special needs of children.  It is much more than just a scaled down version of the Level 1 certification.  The class guides you through the needs of Pre-Kindergarten children all of the way to Teens.  Many of the movements that the kids do are the movements we start with as we go through the “on ramp” process.

The Whole 9 workshop is a nutrition approach based on eating real foods.  While I do not focus on a deprivation model (counting calories) my plan will have people choosing better options and understanding how their body reacts to their different choices.

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