Chocolate Hazelnut Butter and Frozen Bananas

So this is one of my latest creations and until today I hadn’t tried it with Yogurt and Milk (I supposedly have a milk protein allergy, pffff).  Since my last smoothie I recommended that Milk and Yogurt was an option but actually didn’t try that one (just really hard to imagine it would suck).  This one has Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut butter in it 4 TBSP (I did a double today thinking my kids might want some of this deliciousness, they didn’t, so my wife will have a treat once she gets home), 8 ounces of Whole Fage Yogurt and 8 ounces of Whole Milk.  Then you blend with 2 frozen ripe bananas (I had to throw the real bananas, without them the picture looked kind of weird).

Bananas and Justins Hazelnut Butter

Here are your options, I mostly do this with coconut milk but I will concede in this instance the yogurt and milk is better tasting.  I suspect full fat coconut milk would be a lot better because the issue is consistency.  It still is quite good.  I do use full fat coconut milk in a lot of things but in a case like this the calories would be similar to Ben and Jerry’s.  We could argue what is better and what is worse but if it’s close I am probably picking the Ben and Jerry’s.  That is why I do light coconut milk.

Also many grocery stores don’t carry full fat greek yogurt (so sad really).  So try and get at least 2%, the fat actually helps blunt the response from the sugar (lactose).  I get that we have all learned to be weird about high fat dairy but it seems like the oddest thing in the world to me that people would drink straight sugar when on a diet (skim milk).

Coconut Milk, Whole Fage and Whole Milk


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