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There’s this insidious thing that won’t seem to go away, and it is the incessant chatter about athletic women’s bodies- is it ok for women to have muscles? Is strong really better than skinny? I…

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My lean mass journey (and oh yeah, fat loss along the way)

Like most people when I first started working out “for real” I experienced good muscle gain.  According to BodPod figures I went from 124 pounds of lean mass to 131 in 3 months.  Then after surgery and some extreme dieting … Continue reading

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Fasting For Fat-Loss: Insulin & Intermittent Fasting (I.F.)

This was really well done. You could add a bunch of stuff to what he is saying but that complicates the issue and clouds the water a bit. I like the idea of short videos with good info, this one … Continue reading

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This looked really good.

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Pineapple Cherry Smoothie with TJ’s Light Coconut Milk

This is a staple and you can get most of the ingredients at Super Target.  Technically you can get most of the ingredients everywhere but I know these taste great.  I have also used “Tree of Life” cherries but they … Continue reading

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How do you get better at Crossfit?

Remember when you improved the most as a Crossfitter?  It was when you first started because ego does not matter when you absolutely can not lift the prescribed weight.  Inevitably you would default to some percentage of the weight on … Continue reading

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