This looked really good.

Oh.  Hell.  Yes.

Something about living by myself makes me want pizza.  All the fracking time.  And chocolate, too.  But mostly pizza…and on a Saturday night there’s no just no hope for me.

I had originally planned to work on another recipe I’ve had sitting on the books for a little bit–an Asian style chicken thing–but I really wasn’t feeling it.  You know, the whole pizza thing.  I figured I’d just do another one of these bad boys but dammit if I didn’t have any cauliflower left…Life is hard sometimes.

I really didn’t have much of anything, actually.  I do my shopping on Sundays so on a Saturday night it’s like a Greenwich Village Bachelor Pad in here.  Except a lone spaghetti squash on the counter…OK, creative juices flowing…didn’t PaleOMG make some kind of baked egg thing with one of these a while back?…OK I got some sauce and…

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