Your Diets Sucks – Free Ebook

I wrote this book a while back and rather than self publish it or give it away as some type of promo I decided to just put it out there.  The thing you always hope is that the concepts stand the test of time, so I review it occasionally and update the content.  There are about 15 chapters total but all aren’t visible for various reasons, some I think distract from the overall point and others need to be rewritten to reflect more accurately how I feel now.

Most importantly I wrote this for friends and family to lead healthy lives without having to resort to extreme measures.

While I would consider this a rough draft I also do not consider it a final edit, so keep that in mind.  Like normal I would rather get the information out to people rather than obsess over comma placement.  If that somehow hurts the information I apologize for that.

Your Diet Sucks Ebook

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