Jerky, Nuts, Tuna and Kombucha

I realize this post might trouble some people because you could take an issue with the jerky or tuna.  Look, when I can buy Buffalo Jerky or low processed foods I do every single time.  Not everyone can do this.  As you can see I have this in my house and I eat it. I think sometimes it’s the major points that need to be addressed.  Let me put that another way, the salt or soy that might be in the beef jerky is simply a better option for most people than donuts (trust me, that is the other option for a lot of people).  In terms of the nuts you could take an issue with what they are roasted in.  Yawn.  Look, here is the deal, snacking is one of the biggest problems for a lot of people.  That is why I am trying to giving remotely healthy options.  If you have better options then please share them, the one rule is that they need to be accessible everywhere.  Even though TJ’s brand nuts aren’t available everywhere certainly you can find macadamia nuts and sunflower seeds elsewhere.  If you like raw nuts then god bless.  That is just a taste I haven’t acquired yet.

Even though the snacks in this post are low carb options I threw in the Synergy Kombucha Tea (Guava is so good) because it is pretty low in carbs and really fills you up and is a perfect compliment to nuts or jerky.  If you are trying to stay under a certain amount of carbs a day this probably won’t take you over that number.  Personally I think everyone is fine doing under 100g of carbs, ketosis isn’t fat burning magic but there is value to letting your body use up the carbs you intake.

Lastly I am writing this post in response to requests from some people, take what fits and ignore the rest.

Jerky and Snacks




This might mess with people a bit but I like tuna as a snack.  Seriously.  Maybe even weirder is that I eat it with mustard.  There is actually a strong argument for eating it with mayonnaise however.  As a low fat protein source tuna will get your insulin going (not a bad thing but I like to keep insulin levels lowish throughout the day), so having it with some fat is probably a good thing.  Once again, I bought this brand because it’s widely available (but yes, I will be eating it).  Even though it says it’s a good source of Omega 3’s I would still suggest supplementing with fish oil but it’s nice to have as many O3’s from real food if possible.

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  1. Love kombucha, I make my own, it’s so tasty, not to mention great for your digestion!

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