Pineapple Cherry Smoothie with TJ’s Light Coconut Milk

Pineapple Cherry Smoothie with TJ's Light Coconut Milk

This is a staple and you can get most of the ingredients at Super Target.  Technically you can get most of the ingredients everywhere but I know these taste great.  I have also used “Tree of Life” cherries but they are about double the cost.  So keep that in mind.

I almost hate throwing out this next option for smoothies because the Medium Chain Triglycerides from the Coconut Milk is so beneficial but some people find it difficult to find coconut milk that is BPA free or it has too many ingredients.  Some people also just don’t like it and that’s o’kay.  Lastly let me say if you have issues with dairy don’t do this next one, it’s that simple.  The nice thing if you can tolerate dairy is that you get protein, which is a nice add.  Do 4 ounces of whole fat milk and 4 ounces of whole yogurt, no sugar added (it’s fruit, it is full of sugar!)

Here is a good article on BPA free coconut milk cans, stay away from the plastic stuff, the texture isn’t the same and there are a few issues with it.  Of course it that’s your only option and it’s BPA free then do what you need to do.

Milk and Yogurt

Another option that I only use very sparingly (about once a week) is I have some Udi’s Granola in my yogurt.  Basically I try to really vary anything I eat and most things I am able to keep on a one week rotation.


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