Eating for Athletic Performance

This morning at my gym we had an interesting workout because when I saw it I was not sure I could finish it.  Basically in 20 minutes we had to do 2 wall climbs (lay on floor, feet against the wall, walk up the wall, touch your stomach against the wall and then go the other way)  then 4 Deadlifts at 275 pounds and 6 pull ups, as many rounds as possible.  I have been dealing with a stiff back so I wanted to be super cautious with the Deadlifts, after all, I am a 153 pound man, 275 pounds is a lot of weight.  In the end I did 8 rounds, I felt pretty good about that given that I was being relatively cautious with my back.  The Deads alone were 8800 pounds.  Once I was done I felt like I left too much in the chamber, I just was not very tired at all.  I certainly was not the gym all star and there was another person that is similar size to me that did 11 rounds.  So that got me thinking, can I do this again later in the day? My main concern was safety but yet, I thought I could.  So I started the prep making sure I was nice and stretched out, I tried not to sit down all that much so back would not tighten.  I have a “rumble roller” so I got some soft tissue work done and by mid morning the idea had me going.  I was going to do it.

I would need some sugars and carbs

Since a picture is worth a thousand words here are two thousand words.

The omelet is a 4 egged souffle omelet Tex Mex style with Tomatoes, Jalapeños and other good stuff including Chorizo Sausage.  The Pancakes are Pumpkin Pancakes and I am not sure this needs to be said but yes I was alone and I ate it all.  I did not have the powdered sugar, the cream or the whipped cream.  I was not avoiding fats necessarily but I was really focusing on carbs, preferably starchier and non-refined if possible.

The only other thing I took in was a Synergy Guava Goddess.

The Second Workout

I actually did a slight bit better the second time around, I still did 8 rounds but this time I did 2 more wall climbs and 1 deadlift for a total amount lifted for the day just in deads of 17,875 pounds.  Other than a blister I feel great, I did not eat crazy but I did give myself a nice little treat, once again 2000 words, my dinner was Cashew Chicken from Leeann Chins, notice no rice because I if I was going to eat simple carbs I prefer Sorbet.

If you have any questions just hit me in the comments or facebook, as you might imagine I am a bit tired, luckily tomorrow is rest day at my gym.

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